Expert Hair Tips That Every Man Should Know

7 Expert Hair Tips That Every Man Should Know

We have a tendency to believe that we know how to care for our hair. After all, we keep it clean, get it cut, and know how to style it in the main. We might be concerned that it is receding or that it is not as thick as it once was, but there isn’t much we can do about it.

Old habits, on the other hand, may not be serving us as well as they previously did. Grooming ruts are typical, especially as our hair ages and becomes greyer, coarser, and thinner (sigh). Even the smallest modification can have a significant impact.

We talked to some of the best hair stylists in the industry to see what we could do to see an immediate change, and here’s what they had to say.

Heat It Up

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Hairstylist Lee Machin, who has worked on sets for Mr Porter, L’Uomo Vogue, Numéro, and L’Officiel Homme, believes the biggest grooming error men make is “not using a hairdryer,” when it’s the quickest way to a “fuss-free natural appearance without needing to overdose on hair product.”

He recommends using a pea-sized amount of product, distributing it evenly through damp hair, and drying with your fingers. A hairdryer can give you more volume, a smoother texture, and a more manageable hold that lasts longer. It’s also easier to style your hair in the morning if you dry it before night.

Less is more in this case.

“The biggest problem I find with men is over-styling and utilizing hair products that provide a forced stylized look,” Tyler Johnston, one of David Beckham’s preferred snippers, says. Wet-look styling aids seem to be the most common culprit.”

Bradley Smith of Heathrow’s Bradley Smith Hair agrees. “Excessive style product use can lead to product buildup, resulting in an overworked or irritated scalp, greasy hair, and a look that is unsightly. Remember, ‘less is more.’ Use a coin-size quantity of product and properly distribute it in your hair to avoid clubbed ends and a greasy appearance.”

You’ve been warned: if your everyday appearance is slick and set, it can be more trouble than it’s worth (unless your hair is especially unruly, in which case, we commiserate).

Stop concealing yourself.

Male pattern baldness is a pain in the neck. Looking back at images of Prince William as a teenager, he had it all when it came to hair. But suddenly his regal ancestry kicked in, and he began to lose his thatch, and he lost it swiftly. It was Prince Edward’s gleaming bonce that revealed his future. It may have been Royal procedure, but it’s a shame the Duke of Cambridge didn’t pick up the hair clippers sooner; we could all see how much better he’d look if he had. Now that his brother appears to be going through something similar, only time will tell if he makes the same mistake.

There’s no denying that losing your hair is difficult psychologically, but clinging to it doesn’t help you (Donald Trump, anyone?) “With thinning or receding hair, I think the ideal thing to do is have the back and sides tapered in a great fade and the top not too long in a jagged, untidy style,” says Davide Barbieri, who works with Robbie Williams on a regular basis.

The main guideline is that wispy hair appears thin, shorter hair appears thicker, and no combinationver will persuade anyone.

Make an informed decision.
Don’t try to imitate a celebrity. Zayn Malik may be able to pull off a pink mullet, but are you up to the challenge? “Have an honest dialogue with your barber about which styles suit your facial shape, hair texture, and type before choosing on your next hairstyle,” Bradley Smith advises. “Your barber will be able to advise you on the best style for you.”

What Smith really means is that your pals may not be able to tell you that your hair doesn’t make you look like Timothée Chalamet, but your barber will.

Don’t Forget To Use Conditioner

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Of course, not all conditioners are made equal, so this isn’t the 99p bottle from the corner store that’s full of silicones. However, there are many lightweight spray-on, leave-in conditioners available these days.

Barbieri recommends using a light volumizing conditioner to make hair look healthier and easier to style.


A little of salt and pepper can make a man appear more distinguished, but not everyone agrees. If you really want to hide your greys, skip the chemist and opt for a box of hair dye instead: it will “look brassy, dry, and fake,” according to Barbieri.

Similarly, highlights and bleaching in a salon are always far more expensive than a DIY home kit. However, you get what you pay for in life, and we always say, “Buy cheap, buy twice.” Always have your hair colored by a professional, or you’ll wind up paying them to rectify your blunders.

Find a Good Barber
A better haircut can be achieved through some research and organization. “Great haircuts don’t happen by accident; they happen when you schedule an appointment with someone who has expertise and training,” says Brian, master barber , American Barbershop Netherlands. “All too frequently, most guys choose a service based on how cheap it is or who is available at the time. However, you should look at the barber or stylist’s work and reviews online.

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