The Cheap Cult Grooming Product of the Moment Is German Nivea

The Cheap Cult Grooming Product of the Moment Is German Nivea

You’re certainly familiar with German engineering marvels. You may use a Braun to shave. With a Bosch, you could microwave leftovers. It’s possible that you drive a Porsche. (Alright, you might fantasize of driving a Porsche.) The phrase “Made in Germany” is often associated with top-of-the-line design and quality.

However, you may be surprised to learn that Germany is also a hub of skincare innovation. Nivea, the worldwide skincare behemoth headquartered in Hamburg, has been churning out affordable grooming products sold in drugstores all over the world for almost a century. (Your local CVS almost certainly has a shelf or two dedicated to these.) But here’s the thing: grooming experts—and a vocal group of very internet devotees—say the company’s home-market offerings aren’t quite as good as their American counterparts. A highlight product from German Nivea is a specifically developed cold cream moisturizer.

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The Cheap Cult Grooming Product of the Moment Is German Nivea

Products from Europe. Pavitt is a fervent Nivea supporter, as her mother used the brand when she was a child in the United Kingdom. Pavitt adds via email, “The aroma is really nostalgic for me—I’ve been using the original German recipe Nivea since I was a youngster.” She recalls being perplexed by the difference when she first bought it in the United States when she moved here in her twenties. Mineral oil, microcrystalline wax, and petroleum are not used in the German formulation. Its texture is considerably heavier and more matte than the American version, as Pavitt points out, making it slightly more difficult to rub in. “In the United States, the texture is much thinner, and you look quite glossy after applying it,” adds the author “she explains. “When I travel back to Europe, I always bring a tin or two of the good stuff.”

This may be old news to those who pay close attention to their skin. However, because to the development of memes praising Nivea’s unbeatable value, it appears that the German brand may be breaking into widespread favor. There’s a lot of friendly debate on the internet over the moisturizer’s qualities, especially when compared to La Mer’s (much more expensive) version. They’re close in terms of ingredients, but not identical; Nivea’s lacks the antioxidants found in La Mer’s, but it costs nearly 20 times less.

In terms of whether Nivea is a better buy, That depends on your budget, but moisturizer could be a good way to save costs. Pavitt advises splurging on serums and exfoliants and then investing in a high-quality cleanser with the money saved. “To me, moisturizer is the blanket that tucks in the rest of your skincare,” explains Pavitt. And the German Nivea product is an excellent example of a low-cost, extremely moisturizing cream that will keep your skin happy and comforted. The best part? It’s now available on Amazon for €7.90.

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