How to Trim Your Mustache Like a Pro in 6 Simple Steps with Pictures

How to Trim Your Mustache Like a Pro in 6 Simple Steps with Pictures

The mustache was lost sometime along the route.

Or, perhaps more specifically, fashion trends that mocked mustachioed men pushed it out of favor: “Wait… Do you wish to resemble a 1970s pornstar?

The mustache has made a comeback, and it is no longer considered weird.

That’s a lovely trend, but like with a beard, good mustache maintenance is the difference between a cheesy-looking’stache and one that rocks your world and the worlds of those around you.

So, let’s speak about how to trim a mustache so that it always has a low cheese factor.

You won’t appear like a classic adult film star – if that’s the image you want, let your chest hair grow into a forest – but you’ll look current and, to be honest, quite damn fantastic.

What’s the Best Way to Trim a Mustache?
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  1. The First Step Is to Allow It to Grow!
  2. How to Get Ready for Mustache Trimming
  3. Combing Your Mustache To Prepare It
  4. Cut Across Your Upper Lip as Your First Trimming Maneuver
  5. Trimming the Upper Areas of Your Mustache is the Next Step.
  6. Don’t Forget to Remove the Bulk of Your Mustache
  1. The First Step Is to Allow It to Grow!
    Even though it may seem self-evident, you must first develop a mustache before trimming it. That isn’t exactly breaking news. You must, however, allow it to develop until it is either full and thick or well on its way to becoming such.

And then there’s the obvious question: “How long until it’s thick enough for trimming?” The typical response is two to four weeks, although this does not apply to all men because the rate at which men grow facial hair differs from person to person.

After only a few weeks of growth, the person next door or in the adjacent cubicle might have a Tom Selleck-like mustache, while yours might seem like you failed to clean the area above your upper lip.

While your genetics play the most important part in determining how quickly your facial hair grows, other factors can also play a part. Many studies have found that factors such as food, exercise, rest, and smoking have an affect on hair growth.

A continuous exercise plan that incorporates aerobic activities, for example, boosts blood circulation, which helps nutrients reach hair follicles more efficiently and quickly.

Both physical and mental stress can weaken your immune system and impede your body’s basic processes, including your capacity to grow facial hair. Exercise is a fantastic approach to relieve stress.

Essential vitamins and nutrients, including B-complex vitamins, should be abundant in your diet.

Biotin, or vitamin B7, is one of the most important vitamins for growing facial hair, while vitamins A, C, and E also aid in the establishment of favorable hair growth conditions.

  1. How to Trim Your Mustache Like a Pro how-to-trim-your-mustache-like-a-pro-2
    You’ve worked hard to get your mustache as thick as possible. It’s now time to get serious about chopping it down. You’ve definitely heard the adage, “Preparation avoids poor performance,” or something similar, and it certainly applies to facial hair cutting.

Make sure you have all of your tools — a beard comb, scissors or a beard and mustache trimmer (or both, if you prefer), and a mirror – before you begin.

You should also trim your mustache in a well-lit place, such as your bathroom, and preferably over a basin, towel, or waste bin, or anything else that will catch your freshly cut mustache hair.

It’s also a good idea to cleanse your mustache before trimming it. You’ll not only get rid of dirt and debris (and possibly some of yesterday’s food), but you’ll also soften your mustache’s hairs, making it easier to cut.

For the actual trimming, many guys choose for a multi-use beard and mustache trimmer or scissors.

It all depends on what you’re most comfortable with, but if you’re new to facial hair removal, you might want to start with scissors to avoid accidentally cutting off more than you intended.

Getting Started – How Do You Trim Your Mustache Correctly?
Because a lot relies on your chosen mustache style and how thick your hair is when you eventually get down to business, there isn’t a right or wrong way to trim your mustache (apart from hacking it up like someone who doesn’t give a damn about how they look).

Furthermore, while some men just require minor trimming to maintain their mustaches at their best, others – particularly those with thicker areas of hair above the lip – may require more attention.

However, unless you’re going for a certain aesthetic, such as the walrus mustache, having your mustache sag past your upper lip isn’t a good look.

Not only does it not look good, but you also have to deal with drooping hairs when eating.

So, whether you use a trimmer or a pair of scissors, it’s a good idea to cut those hairs that hang over your lips like stalactites.

However, you must be careful not to over-trim those droopers, as this will result in a wide gap between your mustache and top lip, which will appear ludicrous.

You’re also reducing the thickness of your mustache, which for most men means preserving some bulk while still giving it structure.

A trimmer may be best for dealing with thickness, although scissors, especially if you’re really skilled with them, may be preferable. With scissors, though, the job will take a little longer.

In a moment, we’ll go through how to reduce the volume of your mustache.

  1. How to Trim Your Mustache Like a Pro how-to-trim-your-mustache-like-a-pro-3
    Before you start trimming your mustache, you should first comb it.

Combing makes it easier to trim your mustache because it helps to straighten mustache hairs, making them easier to cut. To find wiry stray hairs and split ends that need to be trimmed, comb downward toward your lip.

In a nutshell, combing allows you to easily see the length of your hairs.

Before we move on to the next phase, a word regarding mustache and beard combs: the quality of your comb counts. And, as obvious as it may seem, using a comb intended for the job, such as a mustache comb, makes finding a good comb much easier.

Never, however, utilize a comb that you picked up for a pittance at your local drugstore or mini-mart, especially if it’s made of plastic.

Those combs are grooming gadgets’ “junk food,” in that they perform the same job as other combs but aren’t beneficial for your (mustache’s) overall health.

Keep these points in mind before you go out and buy a mustache comb, fellas:

What is the breadth of its teeth?
For mustache and beard combs, tooth width is crucial (which are often one and the same). Because the hair on your face is thicker and rougher than the hair on your scalp, you’ll need broader teeth than on conventional hair combs.

You’ll have trouble pulling the comb through your mustache hair if the teeth are too thin.

What exactly is it constructed of?
Forget about the plastic. A mustache and beard comb, preferably made of wood, is required.

The best facial hair combs have different tooth widths and are hand-cut, not stamped like mass-produced combs, so you won’t experience the tugging and snagging you’ll experience with cheaper combs.

Combs made of cellulose acetate (a rubber-like material) could also be a nice option.

What is the process of making it?
Hand-cut combs are the greatest because their teeth are cut and polished individually, which is why they don’t have the jagged edges of mass-produced combs.

A hand-cut comb will make your mustache and beard thank you.

  1. Cut Across Your Upper Lip as Your First Trimming Maneuver
    4 ways to trim your mustache like an expert
    Cut the hairs closest to your top lip using scissors or a trimmer to begin your trimming project. Make little slashes along the length of your upper lip.

It’s up to you how much you cut, but don’t leave too much of a gap. If you’re using a trimmer, softly press it against your upper lip and peel it away to make the cut.

Starting at the outside corners of your mustache and working your way to the center is the ideal technique to trim the upper lip. Start at the outside of the other half of the mustache and work your way to the middle once you’ve completed half of it.

  1. Trimming the Upper Areas of Your Mustache is the Next Step.
    5 ways to trim your mustache like an expert
    It’s time to move on to the upper boundary of your mustache once you’ve trimmed and neatened the area right above your upper lip. Again, you have the option of using a trimmer or scissors, but take your time. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Trim the area directly below your nose so your mustache doesn’t appear to be an extension of your nose hair. This isn’t a nice look.
To help give your ‘stache a fuller appearance, trim the top at a 45-degree angle toward your lips.
Your mustache’s shape is determined by your personal preferences and the style you choose.

  1. Trim Your Mustache Like a Pro: Don’t Forget to Get Rid of Its’Bulk’ how-to-trim-your-mustache-like-a-pro-6
    There’s a narrow line between having an overly bushy mustache and having one that’s so thin that someone across the room might not notice you’re mustachioed.

While diminishing the thickness and density of your mustache, be careful not to step on the fine line; there is no correct or wrong thickness, though too much is too much and too little is too little.

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