We spend so much time and effort grooming our beards that we forget about the other half of the grooming equation: our hair on top of our heads. Mother Nature’s approach of framing our faces is to have a beard and a hairstyle that complement one other. You know, that means you’re a work of art. Every museum curator understands that a wonderful item of art is only as good as the frame in which it is displayed.

As a result, you want the frame’s two halves to work well together. Certain hairstyles are ideal for different sorts of beards and complement them wonderfully. Others, on the other hand, don’t. Isn’t it a waste of time to perfect your beard while ignoring all the other hair that grows alongside it? Why spend so much time and effort shaping and maintaining your whiskers only to let them down by allowing what’s on top to grow out in an undesirable or ill-matching manner

You’ve chosen the ideal beard style to complement your features and personality. Now you must choose the ideal hairdo to complement your beard.

Shaping Your Style
The majority of men’s haircuts and histories are very standard. They’ve either grown and styled their hair short their entire lives, cut it short (or lost it), or let their mane grow long enough to flirt with rock stardom

When you decide to add a beard to the mix, you’ll need to assess how your hair complements your appearance. Sure, in the past, a grown-out flop of hair would have worked for you, but now? You’ve evolved into a stylish gentleman.

Complementary Looks
While there are numerous aspects that can influence your appearance, we’ll start by categorizing your various beard styles into a few groups. After all, there’s no reason to become bogged down in details before you even begin. The finer points can be added later.

To keep things simple, we’ll classify beard kinds into three groups based on length: trimmed beards, full beards, and epic beards. We define a “trimmed” beard as one that has been groomed for one week to three months. Others should be able to speak for themselves!
Let’s take a look at a few popular hairstyles and categorize them based on which beard types they best complement.

The undercut
Suitable for: Full Beards, Trimmed Beards
This haircut has recently gained popularity and is available in a variety of variations. Shave the side, grow the top long, and draw the hair back is th

Shave the side, grow the top long, and draw the hair back is th
The undercut also has the advantage of being a low-maintenance style. You can even smooth your hair back with some leftover Beard Wax or Beard Oil if you’re in a hurry. That’s a great piece of advice.

The Topknot

Beards with full beards and epic beards are ideal candidates. The topknot, often known as a manbun (please don’t attempt this), is another hairstyle that has recently gained popularity. Why hasn’t this happened before? This is most likely due to the fact that this appearance takes so long to develop. Good things, on the other hand, come to those who wait.

The undercut
ad is a natural outgrowth of the topknot fad. It’s only natural that when your bangs and other hair grow out, you’ll want to tie it back. Ponytails, on the other hand, are no longer fashionable, thus the only way to go is up. Pulling your hair up away from the sides of your face with a topknot will help combat the tendency of longer hair to cause you to overheat, which is especially useful if you opt to let the sides of your undercut grow out.

When you combine this style with a mature beard, you’ll have a great-looking mix that will attract a lot of admiration. The beard-and-topknot combo is the ideal blend of old-world manliness and modern sensibilities. You can even attempt combining this look with a shorter beard, but it’ll be much more difficult to pull off. The rising upsweep of the topknot necessitates lengthier facial hair to work well and offer a sense of stability—plus, if you try to mix the knot’s tight appearance with a close-cropped beard, you risk seeming too serious or uptight. And that’s the last thing an educated beard expert wants to represent.

The Bald Buzz
Suitable for: Full Beards, Trimmed Beards

Don’t worry if you’ve chosen to shave your head or if Mother Nature has forced you to. Your whiskers will look great with a shaved or naturally bald head. Take a look at actors like Jeff Bridges and Sean Connery, who are both bald and bearded.

You can take a page from Allen Ginsberg’s playbook and go for the New Age shaman look if you’re feeling really brave. A big, wizard-like beard worn in conjunction with a smooth noggin can help you appear smart and experienced. A bald head and shorter beard, on the other hand, creates a tougher, no-nonsense appearance. If your lack of hair is due to choice rather than heredity, consider growing it out into a buzzcut and pairing it with a neat goatee for an ideal business-casual look.

The Long Mane
Beards with full beards and epic beards are ideal candidates.

If you want the length of a topknot but not the aesthetic, this is the hairstyle for you. There’s always the choice to take it easy. Congratulations: You’ve unlocked this style option if you’ve managed to grow your hair past your ears while keeping it combed enough not to look like a vagrant. It takes time and effort to maintain a beautiful, flowing mane of healthy hair that looks amazing! The good news is that it opens you a lot of possibilities for a beard that is just as magnificent.

Long hair opens up a world of styling choices. If you combine your mane with a beard long enough to put a tear to Gandalf’s eye, you’ve got yourself either a heavy metal lead screamer or Khal Drogo (start working on your horseback abilities!). Maybe you’d rather channel your inner ’60s rocker and aim for a soundcheck look akin to John Lennon or Jim Morrison. The combination of an epic beard and epic hair is a classic appearance that also demonstrates that you have the abilities and bravery to let it grow.
Remember, as Uncle Ben put it, “a magnificent beard comes with tremendous style.” At least, we’re pretty sure that’s what he said.

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