Guys in the dating scene are always trying to improve their chances of landing a stunning lady. Men go to great lengths to look their best, schedule beautiful dinner dates, and improve their conversational abilities. All of that is fine, but there is a rumor that there is a far easier way to become the perfect eligible bachelor: women prefer males with facial hair.

That is, at least, popular belief, but does research support it? We decided to look into it here at The Beard Club…

Barnaby J. Dixson and Robert C Brooks conducted a study in 2020 to determine the impact of facial hair in women’s opinions of attractiveness, and the findings were indisputable. The vast majority of women deemed full-bearded males to be the top dogs in the mix after judging a variety of photographs showcasing guys with varied degrees of facial hair. Men with full beards were seen as the healthiest and best suited to parenthood by women. In fact, the study found that males were perceived as more manly as their facial hair length grew.

“The findings revealed that women were more attracted to guys with facial hair.”

Another study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology in 2016 backed up same findings. Over 8,500 women were polled to rank guys with various levels of facial hair. The ladies were shown photographs of guys with clean shaven faces, light stubble, heavy stubby beards, and full beards. Women were more attracted to males with facial hair once again, according to the findings.

This graph depicts findings from a 2016 study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, which found that any type of facial hair is more appealing than a smooth, shaved face.

Women were not only more attracted to guys with beards, but they were also expected to have longer relationships with them, according to the study. Facial hair was seen as a sign of a man’s capacity to “compete socially with other males for resources” since it “renders men with an older, more manly, socially dominating, and aggressive appearance.”

Men with full beards were found to be the most macho, aggressive, and socially mature, while light stubble was favored for both short and long-term relationships, according to the same survey. To put it another way, someone with facial hair was deemed to be more appealing in general. It makes no difference what kind of facial hair you have. You can anticipate to be perceived more positively by the opposite sex as long as you’re wearing something, statistically speaking.

The faces that were utilized in the survey.

While scientific studies on bearded males constantly demonstrate good benefits in tightly controlled abstract settings, we’ve also experienced the same outcomes in the actual world.

AdonisClothing, a men’s apparel-focused online company situated in the United States, began to notice something with their listings. They had a nagging notion that product pages with beards resulted in more sales than those with clean-shaven guys. AdonisClothing assumed that around 70% of their customers were female, so they devised a devious test that yielded clear results.

Menswear store Adonis used clean shaven and bearded versions of the same model photo to test female buyers’ reactions.

Unbeknownst to their customers, the business conducted a 15-day test. When users visited any apparel listing, they were presented with a page that included either a man with a full beard or a man with no facial hair. Everything else in the image was the same, except for the addition of some digitally produced whiskers.

Surprisingly, a tracking of 36,000 visitors over a 15-day period revealed that the bearded images outperformed the clean-shaven ones by nearly 50%, resulting in a 33 percent increase in total sales.

Allowing science to take a back seat for a while, there are many real-life examples that are self-evident. Take Jason Mamoa, aka Aquaman, aka Khal Drogo, for example. It’s very obvious which version is superior.

Sorry, Jason, but the numbers don’t lie. Maintain your beard.

There’s no doubting the power of facial hair, as evidenced by several scientific research and real-world applications. A full-on beard or simply a coating of stubble can work wonders when it comes to making the finest first impression with the ladies.

For a long time, guys have believed that beards are the best, and now we know that the vast majority of women agree!

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