10 Reasons Why a Beard Exudes Self-Assuredness

10 Reasons Why a Beard Exudes Self-Assuredness

Abe Lincoln is often regarded as one of America’s finest presidents. But, without his oh-so-distinctive beard, have you ever thought what type of president he could have been? Consider the fact that he would never be president if he didn’t have the beard.

Grace Bedell, an 11-year-old girl, wrote Lincoln a letter in 1860, asking him to grow a beard because “he would look a great lot better” and because his face “was so thin.” Miss Bedell went even farther, claiming that ladies liked whiskered males and that they would encourage their husbands to vote for Lincoln (this was before women could vote).

Soon after receiving the letter, Lincoln began growing his legendary beard, and as history shows, he went on to accomplish great things. Is it true that his beard helped him win the election? There’s no way of knowing, but it could have triggered the sorts of beard-related reactions that psychologists and others now consider to be real occurrences. Grace Bedell mentioned one facet of it, namely that beards appeal to many women.

Beards, on the other hand, are thought to convey confidence. Certainly, Honest Abe was a superb politician, but who knows? Perhaps his beard gave him a more confident appearance, which instilled confidence in the voting public and those around him. Perhaps he merely tapped into a psychology that was intuitively understood and ultimately confirmed approximately 150 years later.

Why Does A Beard Exude Self-Assuredness?
We’ve already discussed how your beard impacts those around you, from increasing your trustworthiness and respect to increasing your sex appeal. A good side effect is that it makes you feel and appear more confident.

  1. A beard gives you a more masculine appearance.
    There’s something about a beard that instantly transforms you into a fully grown guy. This “something” can be especially thrilling if you had the kind of boyish face that older women, such as your aunts at the family gathering, “had to pinch” because it was so adorable. Forget about it. Your mirror now reflects harshness and ruggedness. Self-assurance. You’re a man, not a guy who still has to show his ID in a pub
  2. A Beard Imperatively Requires An Alpha Male Mentality

Growing a beard establishes you as an individual who is self-assured and confident in their decisions. You’ll develop the ability to see yourself as a strong guy, and others will as well. You own your beard, and you give the impression that you own the world. Because you make decisions and stick to them, you look to be self-assured. You were born to be a strong, confident, and self-assured man. Simply said, a beard confirms what nature desires for you

  1. A Beard Increases Your Sex Attractiveness
    a lovely lady with a beard
    There is a plethora of research and studies that suggest beards increase sex appeal and attractiveness. Even 11-year-old Grace Bedell recognized this when she advised Lincoln to cut his beard. Many women are attracted to men with beards. And, let’s face it, a man who is constantly surrounded by lovely ladies appears to be more self-assured than the rest.
  2. Beards Give You a More Mature Appearance
    That kid in high school who could grow a full beard might not have been aware of the link between beards and sex attractiveness (yet). But he knew that growing a beard would make him look older, and didn’t we all spend a lot of time trying to hurry up to adulthood, whether we were ready or not? A beard denotes that you are no longer a boy and, once again, gives you a more masculine appearance
  3. Beards give the impression that you’re more aggressive.
    According to studies, men with beards are perceived to be more aggressive than those without. It’s all about being an alpha man, which can help you walk with a little more swagger. Women see violence as a sign of strength and protection, therefore it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
  4. Beards Can Help You Advance Socially
    To be clear, having a beard will not automatically elevate you to a higher social status, but it may cause others to think so. According to a 2012 survey, males with beards are seen as having a high social status and commanding respect from other men in the society.
  5. When It Comes To Fighting, The Beard And Confidence
    This is a fascinating story that deserves to be told again. It was suggested in the 1997 book “The Handicap Principle” that beards exude confidence in a roundabout way because they are regarded a flaw in a fight (because the opponent can gain an advantage by grabbing the beard). As a result, it comes to reason that a man entering a fight with this “handicap” is confident in his own physical abilities. Perhaps this is why, according to a Pentagon study, men with beards are more combat-effective than those without
  6. Beards give the impression that you’re confident in your grooming abilities.
    Taking care of your beard entails a lot of effort. You must shape it, shampoo it (and add beard oil and balm), and carefully select the grooming equipment you will employ, particularly beard trimmers. A man with a well-groomed beard demonstrates a level of dedication and attention to appearing his best, which is impressive. It demonstrates that you know what you’re doing and that you’re confident in your abilities.
  7. A beard gives you the appearance of being your own man.
    Others may see guys with beards as rebellious, according to research. As though he were their own man. Like someone who knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to go get it. Furthermore, there is a lengthy list of revolutionary types who sported beards; not that we recommend you become a revolutionist, but it does signify that you are self-assured enough to forge your own path in this lovely world.
  8. Beards Give You a Smarter Appearance
    With intelligence comes self-assurance. We’ve already mentioned a particular American president with a beard. Einstein sported a mustache. So did Sigmund Freud. Many of your college instructors did as well. Grow a beard, and you’ll be a wise old man.

final thoughts
So, ye of little faith, what are you waiting for? In a variety of ways, growing a beard can increase your self-confidence. Put the razor down and prepare for your ascension to alpha-maledom.

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