How to Grow an Imperial Mustache: Step-by-Step Instructions, Examples, and More!

How to Grow an Imperial Mustache: Step-by-Step Instructions, Examples, and More!

Another dramatic, thick mustache style in the same family as the Chevron and Walrus is the Imperial. It’s not easy to get, but it’ll give you a royal and authoritative air, and it’s a bold appearance.

Kaiser Wilhelm, Germany’s last emperor, was known for his mustache, and he is credited with giving the Imperial its name. What exactly is it?

It comprises of a strong mustache that is accompanied by hair that grows all the way up to the cheekbones on the top cheeks. The Imperial’s outside edges are bent upward in the same way that the Dali’s are, but without the waxing and twisting.

You’re a good candidate for the Imperial style if you have thick, coarse hair on your upper lip.

If you’re wearing the Imperial, you’re not afraid to make a bold statement and have a strong feeling of self-assurance.

In fact, if you’re not careful, your self-assurance could be misconstrued for egotism. You’re not scared to speak your thoughts, whether it’s correct or incorrect, and you’re not easily persuaded to change your view.

What Face Shape Is Most Appropriate for the Imperial?

With a large or square face, the Imperial works well.

The Imperial Mustache: How to Grow It

Allowing the hair on your upper lip and cheeks to grow – and expand – is the first step in creating an Imperial mustache. Keep in mind that this is a process that could take a few months.

Because a tuft of hair on your upper cheeks may appear odd, you may prefer to grow a full beard while you wait for the Imperial to mature.

It’s crucial to leave the ends of your mustache to grow because you’ll have to train them to grow outwards later. It may take some time to get longer ends, but be patient and don’t cut the ends during the developing phase.

You’ll also have to wait for your other mustache hairs to grow over your top lip, which can be a little painful (or ticklish) at first.

You can start training the ends to grow upward after you’ve reached a proper Imperial length. You’ll need mustache wax and a good comb for this.

Note: You can start this procedure much sooner by dampening your mustache and combing the hairs in the desired direction. However, as the hairs reach full length, you’ll need to use wax.

Apply a generous amount of wax on the mustache (while adding a little extra on the ends). Remember, unlike the Dali approach, you don’t want to twist the ends.

What Celebrities Sport the Imperial Mustache?
Kaiser Wilhelm is credited as the style’s creator.

Kaiser Wilhelm

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