How to Grow a Toothbrush (Hitler) Mustache, with Examples and More!

How to Grow a Toothbrush (Hitler) Mustache, with Examples and More!

If you’re contemplating about developing a toothbrush mustache, it’s wise to know what you’re getting yourself into. And chances are you already have one, but let’s face it: it’s a style linked with evil because it’s also known as a Hitler mustache.

While you don’t need an introduction to Adolph Hitler, and you understand the negative, turn-the-other-way, change-the-subject emotions his name invokes, this type of facial hair is pretty much “buyer beware.”

If you wear that, you’re bound to receive some bad criticism.

It’s not the mustache’s fault, though. Before Hitler, the toothbrush was an acceptable mustache style in the early twentieth century. It’s essentially a soul patch on top of the lip, with the rest of the face often shaved.

Still, the toothbrush will be the black sheep of the mustache family as long as there remain history books and other reminders of Hitler’s reign.

You may debate all day about how it’s simply a stray strand of hair – which is technically correct – but you can’t deny that it has a negative impact on people’s perceptions.

If you’re brave enough to wear a Hitler mustache, you’ve got a thick skin when it comes to other people’s judgment and dirty stares. You don’t mind being different because you may be the only one in your neighborhood/town that wears it.

What is the best facial shape for a Toothbrush Mustache?

A round face looks best with a thinner mustache.

What is the best way to grow a Toothbrush Mustache?

The toothbrush mustache isn’t extremely difficult to master. Allow your mustache to grow full and thick (at least two inches thick), then shave it in from the sides until it’s no more than two inches thick.

You should also shave a clean line between the bottom of your toothbrush mustache and the beginning of your upper lip.

What Celebrities Have Sported a Toothbrush Mustache?

More people than you might suppose, despite the fact that its popularity declined following Hitler. For example, Charlie Chaplin wore a toothbrush mustache, as did Michael Jordan, though for a brief period of time.

Adolf Hitler

Michael Jordan

Charlie Chaplin

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