How to Grow a Chevron Mustache: Step-by-Step Instructions, Examples, and More!

How to Grow a Chevron Mustache: Step-by-Step Instructions, Examples, and More!

If you want your mustache to grow fully and strongly without covering your lips and mouth, the Chevron mustache style is ideal (like the walrus mustache). It’s a mustache left to its own devices, with a little help and guidance here and there.

The mustache, which fell out of favor in the last decade or two of the twentieth century, has resurfaced, and it’s not uncommon to find men channeling their inner Tom Selleck while sporting a Chevron. The Chevron is more angular, wider, and sharper than other full mustache designs, and it’s something only a mature guy should wear.

You’re serious yet calm when you wear a Chevron, and you insist on merely telling it like it is. You don’t speak much all the time, but when you do, it’s absolutely devoid of nonsense. However, since Mahatma Gandhi wore a Chevron, it would be a clich√© to imply that all Chevron wearers are strong males.

What is the best face shape for the Chevron?

Most facial shapes, even the all-encompassing oval, look great with the Chevron.

How to Shave a Mustache with a Chevron Pattern

The Chevron, like the walrus mustache, starts with allowing your mustache to grow. Allow it to grow across your upper lip, as it naturally does. Maintain a shaved chin and cheeks.

Trim the long stray hairs along your top lip once it’s grown to a proper length so that the bottom of the Chevron is flush with the lip. Allow it to slant down around the corners of your mouth, but not too far (you don’t want a horseshoe mustache).

One of the best things about the Chevron is how little care it requires. The most important thing is to keep the bottom of your mustache clipped so it doesn’t fall past your upper lip.

What Celebrities Sport the Chevron?

We’ve already introduced Tom Selleck and his iconic Chevron character. However, the late rock musician Freddie Mercury, as well as many others, had a fantastic Chevron.

Tom Selleck

Freddie Mercury

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