How to Grow a Beardstache, a Guide, Examples, and More!

How to Grow a Beardstache, a Guide, Examples, and More!

The beardstache is a must-have for any guide on facial hair styles. Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like — a beard and mustache combined – and it’s become increasingly trendy in recent years.

While the beardstache has its detractors, one of whom claimed that it was the facial hair equivalent of the mullet, it isn’t a horrible look. It has a thick mustache and a beard that resembles heavy stubble more than anything else.

For some guys, the beardstache is a means to avoid being “stuck” by a specific beard or mustache style by providing the best of both worlds. It’s also an excellent alternative for the summer, when a thick beard might be a little hot.

Wearing a beardstache implies that you’re fed up with the status quo and all the latest fashion trends.

You don’t despise trends, but you’d want to take a break from them and try something new that isn’t too radical. You’re self-assured and have an excellent sense of style and taste.

Which Face Shape Is Best for a Beardstache?

With a beardstache, you may soften the edges of your square or rectangular face.

The Beardstache: A Step-by-Step Guide

The beardstache requires some effort because you’ll be attempting to maintain a healthy contrast between the length of your beard and mustache (which will be thick and full).

Keep your cheeks covered in a strong stubble and let your mustache drop down along the corners of your lips in the shape of a horseshoe mustache for the classic beardstache look (but with the thickness of a walrus mustache).

However, don’t let the ends of your mustache reach past your jawline.

We strongly recommend investing in a good stubble trimmer and using it on a regular basis to maintain the beard at its best.

What Celebrities Have a Beardstache?

Jamie Dornan (The Fall) is a beardstache enthusiast. Models Chris Millington and Jeff Buoncristiano are among them.

Jeff Buoncristiano

Chris Millington

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