Trimming a Goatee or Mustache: Step-by-Step Instructions, Examples, and More

Trimming a Goatee or Mustache: Step-by-Step Instructions, Examples, and More

Wait a minute, you could say. Isn’t a full goatee a goatee with a mustache? It’s a good question, but one crucial thing to remember when defining the goatee and mustache style is that the beard and mustache don’t have to join.

When we talk about a goatee with a mustache, we’re referring to two different types of facial hair that have been merged (but not united) to produce one facial hair style.

In other words, you can do whatever you want with your mustache, but if it links with your goatee, you’re probably going for a different look.

The goatee and mustache combination is one of the most popular goatee styles, regardless of how you characterize it. It’s also a great option for males who have good chin and beard growth but not so much on the cheeks.

The man with the beard and mustache is willing to try new things. He could still be figuring out which facial hair style suits him best, and his goatee could just be the first step toward something completely new.

He may believe that his shaved face isn’t macho enough (oh, the curse of the “baby” face), and that a goatee and mustache will bring out the beast in him. And it’s possible.

What Facial Shape Is Best for a Mustache and Goatee?

Whether you have a round, long, triangular, or square face, the goatee and mustache style will look great on you. It’s especially good for men with square faces who don’t like how a full beard looks on them.

How to Trim a Mustache and Goatee

You should keep your beard growing until it reaches a great length and fullness. Keep your cheeks and neck shaved (you can decide whether or not to shave your “soul patch” – more on that later).

To get a beautiful shape, you’ll want to trim the edges of your mustache and goatee. When cutting your mustache, you can use a comb to achieve a specific length and keep it clean.

Keep in mind that you should not trim your beard until it has reached its full length. After that, it’s a simple matter of keeping it trimmed.

What Celebrities Have Goatees and Mustaches?
Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and the late Heath Ledger are among the celebrities who have donned this look.

Brad Pitt

Johnny Depp

Heath Ledger

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