Mutton Chops in the Friendly Mutton Chops Style: Growing Instructions, Examples, and More!

Mutton Chops in the Friendly Mutton Chops Style: Growing Instructions, Examples, and More!

Except for one essential piece of the puzzle – your mustache – there isn’t much of a difference between traditional mutton chops and “Friendly” mutton chops. Friendly chops are lengthy sideburns that link to a mustache, although classic mutton chops do not have one. Simply said, they must connect with a mustache in order to be considered friendly.

Terminate the bottom of your sideburns at the corners of your lips after your sideburns and mustache are linked.

If you’re wearing mutton chops – friendly or otherwise – you’re probably a bit of a rebel who doesn’t mind bucking the system. In the 1960s, a lot of hippies wore them, and you know how anti-establishment those people were. Bikers appear to enjoy friendly mutton chops just as much as ordinary mutton chops.

What Face Shape Goes Best With Friendly Mutton Chops?

Friendly mutton chops complement a variety of facial types, including an oblong face, which can benefit from their form. If you have a pointed chin, they may not be the best option.

Mutton Chops That Are Easy To Grow

Shave all the hair from your chin and neck after you have your full beard in place, or before if you’re beginning from scratch. Make an imaginary vertical line down from each corner of your mouth to shave the hair on your chin. However, your mustache and cheek hair/sideburns should be left alone.

Make sure the bottom edge of each mutton chop stops just at your jawline by shaving your neck all the way up to the jaw. Shape the areas surrounding your lips, as well as the areas slightly above and below where your sideburns and mustache meet, using care. Here’s a glimpse at how the friendly mutton chop is made:

To trim the top edge of the mutton chops, you’ll need a good beard trimmer. This is the most visible part of your beard, so be sure to be as neat as possible. Trimming your beard and mustache to the same length and then letting it grow are the final two steps in grooming your friendly mutton chops.

While short and moderate lengths of friendly mutton chops look good, the length you grow them to is entirely up to you.

Famous People Who Wear Mutton Chops with a Friendly Attitude

Ambrose Burnside, a Civil War hero and statesman, wore friendly mutton chops. Without a doubt, the man favored his sideburns.

Ambrose Burnside


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