How to Trim Sideburns, a Guide, Examples, and More!

How to Trim Sideburns, a Guide, Examples, and More!

The straightforward sideburn. Unless it’s employed in a major attention-getting fashion, it’s frequently underappreciated. We may not pay much attention to sideburns, whether on ourselves or others.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps you’re a man who recognizes the value of sideburns and the various ways you may style them to complement your overall appearance. Or, for that matter, come up with a unique look.

In any case, we recommend giving your sideburns a lot of thought (which simply refer to the patch of hair alongside your ear that runs downward along the face at varying lengths). For starters, they are an essential component of your ultimate look.

They have an impact on your profile from the side and front, and can either enhance or detract from the appearance of a great beard and hairdo. You can use them to highlight your best qualities while concealing your flaws.

Sideburns have a long history as well. Although sideburns are thought to have been called after Civil War hero and industrialist General Ambrose Burnside, they have been prevalent since Alexander the Great.

They have a funky vibe about them, especially when worn in an unconventional fashion. Men with sideburns enjoy themselves and don’t take themselves too seriously. On college campuses, the “look” is frequently experimented with.

What Face Shape Is the Most Appropriate for Them?

This style suits men with an inverted triangle face shape because it draws attention to their sideburns and mustache.

However, different sideburn styles suit different facial types, and the length and width of your hair are also elements to consider when choosing a style.

Sideburns: How to Trim Them

Work from the bottom up if you’re using clippers, which should be set to around three-quarters of an inch. Use a comb and scissors for a more exact cut: comb the hair up and use the scissors to remove hair to the desired length.

There are three different types of sideburns:


Short sideburns are a trendy and risk-free style. They should not fall beyond the mid-point of your ear to be called “short.” If you have less facial hair, this style will look best on you.

Sideburns that are long

Long sideburns end just below the ear, however they can be longer depending on the style you want. If you have a rounder face, longer sideburns look great.

Sideburns with a taper

The thickest hair will be above the ear before thinning out as it reaches a specific part of your ear when you taper your sideburns. On males with short to medium hairstyles, the tapered look is appealing.

Who Wears Them: Celebrities

Elvis Presley sported a set of sideburns that will live on in the annals of popular culture. The dude had some big ‘burns, as well as some major movements that swept a generation of women off their feet.

Elvis Presley

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