How to Trim a Van Dyke Beard, a Guide, Examples, and More!

How to Trim a Van Dyke Beard, a Guide, Examples, and More!

The Van Dyke, like many other beard styles that have seen a resurgence in recent decades, is both nostalgic and modern.

Most of us grew up seeing images and drawings of men dressed in the Van Dyke style.

In the twentieth century, the Van Dyke was regarded as an outlier, and a man seen wearing one was likely to be thought odd, rebellious, or both.

But then came the 1990s, when grunge rockers like Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, and Eddie Vedder wore Van Dykes – and did it well – and the style almost crossed over into mainstream territory.

Well, the Van Dyke is still alive and well, and it has evolved into much more than the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck’s style.

However, Van Dyck’s importance should not be overlooked. His self-photographs and portraits of other guys wearing the Van Dyke style made him a walking, talking advertisement for the style.

A short sharp beard and a waxed pointed mustache characterize the typical Van Dyke. The remainder of the face is shaved.

If you’re wearing a Van Dyke, you undoubtedly enjoy classic items, but mostly in the context of how they might be utilized in modern culture.

You’re a bit of a rebel – if you wax your mustache, you’re definitely counter-culture – and you’re confident in your appearance.

You haven’t committed to a full beard for the time being, but you’ve undoubtedly thought about it or wore one.

What is the best facial shape for a Van Dyke?

A man with a longer face will benefit from the Van Dyke’s chin beard section, which will help round out his looks.

Trimming the Van Dyke Beard

Stop shaving for approximately a week, just long time to grow enough whiskers to start shaping into the Van Dyke style. Shave your cheeks clean, leaving only your mustache and chin whiskers.

Use a trimmer to carefully sculpt the pointed shape of your chin beard as it grows longer. Take cautious not to shave off too much of your beard (or snip off the tip).

Keep the goatee and mustache separate if you want to go for the classic Van Dyke style. Twist the ends of your mustache into points (and wax if desired) if you want to be more artistic.

What Celebrities Have Worn the Van Dyke?

In addition to singers like Chris Cornell and the late Kurt Cobain, actors like Pierce Brosnan and Johnny Depp have rocked the Van Dyke look.

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