How to Trim a Full Goatee, a Guide, Examples, and More!

How to Trim a Full Goatee, a Guide, Examples, and More!

When most of us think of a “goatee,” we think of a complete goatee.

Unlike the traditional goatee, it features a mustache that extends around the corners of your mouth and is joined by a shaved beard that is only as wide as the mouth’s outside edge. The complete goatee, on the other hand, elevates your goatee to a new level.

One of the most popular goatee styles for males is the complete goatee. Its popularity peaked a few years ago, but it is still worn by a large number of guys.

It’s not boring, even though it’s more of a generic goatee style these days. This hairstyle has been done off by men with a lot of flare and flamboyance, and it’s one of the most popular trends anywhere.

Because there are so many people who sport a full goatee, it’s difficult to pinpoint one or two personality types that are popular among them.

Some claim that it denotes a more laid-back, easygoing type of person, while others claim that it demonstrates a cautious approach to facial hair, i.e., you don’t want to commit to a full beard but still want some facial hair.

If you’re not sure if a full beard is suited for you, a full goatee can be a good place to start. It’s likely that you’ll enjoy it.

What Facial Shape Goes Best With a Full Goatee?

The complete goatee is ideal for males with diamond-shaped faces who prefer to keep their chin hair short.

Trimming the Full Goatee

Allow two to three weeks for the hair from the bottom of your chin to the corners of your mouth to grow. At this point, you can let your chin whiskers grow longer (but not uneven). Keep in mind that your cheeks and neck should be shaved.

Maintaining a full goatee isn’t difficult in the least. To keep it from looking scraggly, you’ll need to trim it on a regular basis; how often you do so depends on how quickly your facial hair grows.

This video will walk you through the entire process of shaving a goatee:

Celebrities Who Sport a Full Goatee

Brad Pitt, Kobe Bryant, Tim McGraw of country music, and many others are among the celebs who sport a full goatee.

Brad Pitt

Kobe Bryant

Tim McGraw

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