How to Shave the Chin Curtain (Amish Beard): Examples, Instructions, and More!

How to Shave the Chin Curtain (Amish Beard): Examples, Instructions, and More!

The chin curtain (together with the Shenandoah) are the same thing; the easiest way to describe it is facial hair that grows along the jawline before erupting into a full, thick beard at the chin that can grow to extraordinary lengths.

Above the lip, the hair is shaved.

The fact that this design is most typically worn by Amish men is what most of us connect it with. It’s not so much a style for Amish men as it is a part of their beliefs and tradition. The bottom line is that, according to scripture, they grow beards after marriage.

They don’t grow mustaches, though, because mustaches are connected with the military in Amish culture (and the Amish are pacifists). Their beards also serve to distinguish them from other religious and cultural groups.

Of course, not everyone who wears it is Amish, and Abraham Lincoln had a beard that was decidedly Amish/chin curtain-like in his day.
It’s just not a particularly popular style in popular culture, and if you’re wearing it, you don’t mind standing out in a crowd.

What Face Shape Is Best for a Chin Curtain or Amish Beard?

On males with oval faces, the Chin Curtain/Amish beard looks best. If you have a larger face, it also works nicely.

How to Shave an Amish Beard/Chin Curtain

This look promotes the growth of a full beard — and beyond – but not a mustache. It doesn’t take much talent to grow a beard; simply let it grow along your cheeks and chin. It can be as long as you want it to be; the duration is entirely up to you.

Non-Amish men should keep their chin curtain to a few inches past the bottom of the chin; Amish men should grow their beards nice and long. To avoid the appearance of a mustache, you’ll need to shave your top lip every day.

Famous People Who Wore the Amish Beard/Chin Curtain

We’ve already named Abe Lincoln, but notable writers Walt Whitman and Herman Melville (“Moby Dick”) have also donned this look. Bill Walton, the renowned American basketball player, wore it when he was younger.

Abe Lincoln

Walt Whitman

Bill Walton

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