How to Shave, Examples, and More for the Short Boxed Beard Style

How to Shave, Examples, and More for the Short Boxed Beard Style

The facial hair style equivalent of a consummate role player on a sports team is the short boxed beard.

You know the type: someone who can take the lead if necessary, is up to any task, and is critical to the team’s overall success. Allow others to take the limelight; this one simply turns up and gets the job done night after night.

That isn’t to imply the SBB has been consigned to the background.

It’s an excellent beard style for individuals who don’t want to grow their beard all the way to the “mountain man” edges. However, you can keep your thick beard, which emphasizes the cheekbones while softening the jawline.

The short boxed beard is also appropriate for the job.

You can let it grow a little longer than what is considered “normal,” but it has clearly defined boundaries (your whiskers are limited to the cheeks, upper lip, and the chin, with your hair extending just below the chin).

What Your Short Boxed Beard Suggests

One of the most professional facial hair styles is the SBB, and one of the guys at the top of your company’s ladder is definitely sporting one.

You enjoy the toughness of a thick beard and the way it makes you look, but you want to keep things tidy. Others think it looks good on you, too, and you’re not immune to it.

What Face Shape Does the Short Boxed Beard Look Best On?

The short boxed beard might bring equilibrium to the lower half of your face if you have an angular or heart-shaped face. It also provides clean lines and strong angles to a round or oval face.

If you have a square face, though, be mindful of wearing one because it may make your face appear bottom-heavy.

How to Shave a Beard with a Short Boxed Shape

Let’s get this party started:

To accentuate your cheekbones and other bone structure, cut away stray whiskers from less dense parts of your face.

Create a sloping border from your sideburn to your mustache with a trimmer (using the natural borders of your beard growth as a guide). Rep on the other side of your face, attempting to maintain a balanced appearance on both sides.

Before you create the lower border, let your beard grow one to two inches beneath your jawbone. A more natural-looking line can be achieved by cutting your hair a little shorter along this border. Maintain the length and boundaries of your trimmer by using it two to three times a week.

What Celebrities Sport a Short Boxed Beard?

George Clooney, like another renowned ‘George’ – Star Wars creator George Lucas – has worn a short boxed beard.

George Clooney

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