How to Shave a Chinstrap Beard, Examples, and More

How to Shave a Chinstrap Beard, Examples, and More

Those who have written about chinstrap beards have shown a lot of inventiveness in describing them. As an example, it’s been described as a “thong on your face.” That, of course, generates a plethora of imagery, not all of it negative.

Not only does the chinstrap lend itself to colorful descriptions, but it’s also a frequently misunderstood facial hair style that’s not always easy to master. Because it can be coupled with a mustache or a goatee, there are countless variations.

Experts contend that the actual chinstrap beard consists just of a very thin, short line of hair that runs around the outside margins of the face and jawline. Of course, whether or not you wear a mustache with it is entirely up to you, but you might not be able to call it a true chinstrap.

Another choice you’ll have to make is how thin you want the line that runs along your jaw to be. Your best guide will most likely be your facial shape.

According to at least one publication, the chinstrap is for men who favor, ahem, short-term relationships to long-term ones, and who believe that 365 one-night stands is nearly the same as a year-long relationship.

That is, without a doubt, a superficial statement, and we don’t believe it applies to all chin-strappers who, if nothing else, are relentless in their pursuit of the perfect chinstrap look.

What is the best facial shape for a Chinstrap?

The thickness of your chinstrap line should be determined by your facial shape and features. A broader chinstrap is recommended for guys with round or oval faces, as a narrow line might make your face appear bigger.

Indeed, opponents claim that one of the chinstrap’s disadvantages is that it emphasizes a double chin (if you have a double chin, that is).

If you have a thinner, more angular face, on the other hand, you can keep the line narrower as well.
How to Shave a Chinstrap Beard in the Chinstrap Beard Style

To create the chinstrap style, shave your cheeks and neck, but be careful not to go too far and destroy your “line” in the process. Shaving, on the other hand, should be done last.

When it comes to the chinstrap, we recommend utilizing a razor rather than an electric shaver for more exact style.

Outline and shape your chinstrap strip using a precision, high-quality trimmer. The strip runs all the way from your ear to your jawline.

Note that if you insist on wearing a mustache with your chinstrap beard, you must preserve a narrower line along the jawline, or it will end up looking like a full beard.

Make no mistake: maintaining the perfect look of your chinstrap will necessitate disciplined upkeep on your part.

In his day, President Abraham Lincoln of the United States wore a chinstrap. In more modern culture, David Ortiz, a recently retired baseball player, and Lewis Hamilton, a Formula One driver, are both noted for their distinctive chinstraps.

Abraham Lincoln

David Ortiz

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