How to Maintain a Thick Stubble Look: Tips, Examples, and More

How to Maintain a Thick Stubble Look: Tips, Examples, and More

Women adore the heavy stubble style, which is one of its best features. At least, that’s what a number of studies have found. So, leave your beard alone for ten days and then simply open your door. The ladies will be in and out in no time.

Okay, so it’s not that simple, but heavy stubble is a terrific look for men who don’t want to commit to a full beard but also don’t want to be clean shaven. The stubble is that gray spot in the middle — you’re a little edgy, but not a lumberjack.

Heavy stubble, on the other hand, conveys a low-key roughness that, hopefully, ladies will never tire of.

You appreciate the concept that as a heavy stubble wearer, people think you can just roll out of bed and look beautiful with only the minimal necessities of cleanliness.

To a degree, you’re friendly, comfortable, but not complacent. You have a clear idea of what you desire from life. And you adore the concept of appearing unconcerned about your appearance (while still looking good).

What Face Shape Suits Heavy Stubble the Best?

For most men, heavy stubble is a terrific look, but it looks especially well on square and heart-shaped features.

How to Keep a Thick Stubble

Allowing your beard to grow for at least 10 days is the first step in growing and keeping strong stubble. You can even let it grow for a longer time – up to the length of a full beard – knowing that you’ll eventually trim it back.

Use a stubble trimmer to produce the heavy stubble look after your beard has grown to approximately a quarter of an inch longer than you intend to wear it. Starting with the longest guard setting on your trimmer is recommended.

While the objective of excessive stubble is to retain an untidy appearance, you should still shape it. Keep wayward hairs away from your cheekbones, and trim the rest of your cheek hair in a line parallel to your jaw.

Trimming your neckline is the final stage in the procedure. Trim your hair from the underside of your jaw to your neck with your razor, blending it into the skin around the peaks of your Adam’s apple. But don’t let anything grow under it.

What Celebrities Have a Lot of Stubble?

Actors Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth have both sported the thick stubble style.

Bradley Cooper

Chris Hemsworth

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