How to Grow a Hollywood Beard, a Guide, Examples, and More

How to Grow a Hollywood Beard, a Guide, Examples, and More

The Hollywoodian beard, like mutton chops, has an antique vibe to it, which isn’t unexpected given how popular the style was during Hollywood’s “Golden Era.” It’s making a resurgence now, and it’s not just for Hollywood’s affluent and famous.

What exactly is it? The Hollywood beard can be described as a cross between a goatee and a mustache.

It has the appearance of a mustache coupled to a beard, but without the sideburns (and usually with a shaved neck). It’s a simple beard style that emphasizes your jawline without overpowering the rest of your face.

If you don’t want a beard or a yeard to cover your entire face, the Hollywoodian is for you.

If you wear a Hollywoodian, it’s likely that you’re drawn to vintage items that you find particularly appealing, and you wish to join the growing number of people who wish to reintroduce a certain style into popular culture.

You may enjoy 1970s flicks like “Deer Hunter,” and while you enjoy a lot of facial hair, you’re not ready to commit to a full beard. You’re willing to take risks and do something that isn’t typical of everyone else’s daily routine.

You also enjoy representing a particular style at social gatherings and are unconcerned about the attention it attracts.

What Face Shape Is Most Appropriate for a Hollywood Star?

If you have prominent cheekbones, the Hollywood beard is a terrific choice. This allows you to cut the sides as low as you want, almost to the jawline if you wish. The focus of the Hollywoodian should be on your chin, and if you have a square face, this is a terrific look.

How to Raise a Hollywood Star

Begin by growing your beard for three to four weeks with a shaved face. After that, shave the hair on the tops of your cheeks, leaving only a line of hair running from your ear to the side of your chin.

Bear in mind that the beard should not be connected to the sideburns.

Trim your neck hair cleanly, leaving just enough around the chin and jawline to define it. You should also leave two vertical hair strands linking the chin and mustache regions.

Finally, form a rectangle shape with the soul patch (that small tuft of hair right below your bottom lip). Here’s a video that demonstrates how it’s done.
People in Hollywood Who Wear the Hollywoodian

Not to be Captain Obvious, but the Hollywoodian has been worn by a slew of Hollywood stars, including Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Viggo Mortensen, and others.

Christian Bale

Leonardo DiCaprio

Hugh Jackman

Viggo Mortensen

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