How to Grow a Beard Like Jack Sparrow: A Guide, Examples, and More

How to Grow a Beard Like Jack Sparrow: A Guide, Examples, and More

What’s the best place to start with this beard? In fact, it’s more of a statement than a beard: mustache, soul patch, goatee, braided whiskers. The Jack Sparrow beard is a crowd-pleaser as well as an attention-grabber.

If you’re familiar with the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film series, you’ll recognize this beard as Captain Jack Sparrow’s. It’s actually a mixture of three techniques, each of which must be executed with care to obtain the desired result.

What exactly is it? That’s what it is: a blockbuster of the facial world.

If nothing else about you indicates “I’m a fan of “Pirates of the Caribbean,” this beard will serve as a billboard for you. You must have a little rebel in you, and it shows that you are a free spirit that enjoys a little gritty fun.

And it implies that, if you had your way, you’d be sailing the high seas in search of the next big adventure.

What is the best face shape for a Jack Sparrow beard?

The Jack Sparrow Beard will look great on you if you have an oval or rectangular face. If you’re dead set on growing this miracle of facial hair engineering, though, you probably don’t give a damn about the contour of your face.

How to Grow a Beard Like a Jack Sparrow

Let’s keep things simple, which is no easy task when it comes to detailing how to acquire the Jack Sparrow look.

Shave the cheekbones and the back of the neck.

Hair over the lip, below the lower lip, and on the chin should not be trimmed.
Allow your mustache to grow slightly past the corners of your mouth.
Trim the Soul Patch into a triangle form with the point toward your chin.
Allow four to five inches of hair to grow out from the bottom of your chin.
Part your hair below your chin into long strands and braid or bead the strands.
What is the best way to braid your beard? This video should give you a good understanding of what I’m talking about:

What Celebrities Sport the Jack Sparrow Beard?

Of course, it’s Johnny Depp, who plays Captain Jack Sparrow.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

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