How to Grow a Balbo Beard, a Guide, Examples, and More!

How to Grow a Balbo Beard, a Guide, Examples, and More!

The Balbo Beard is absolutely remarkable in many aspects, given that it comes in three separate portions. Furthermore, an increasing number of individuals are wearing it, which does not make it ‘exceptional’ in and of itself, but rather demonstrates that people enjoy the way they appear when wearing the Balbo.

Although the Balbo has a fascist heritage (it was created by former Mussolini henchman Italo Balbo), style and politics do not have to go together. Although, to be fair, not many people sport a Hitler-style mustache for obvious reasons.
But here’s what the Balbo looks like: it’s a mustache with chin hair and a soul patch.

The mustache does not connect with the chin hair, which is styled in an extended goatee, and the hair directly underneath the lower lip is shaved except for a little tuft. You’ve shaved your cheeks.

Balbo wearers are daring, fashionable, and self-assured. If that wasn’t enough, many ladies find the style appealing.

What is the best facial shape for a Balbo Beard?

The Balbo is a good initial choice for guys with square or diamond-shaped faces, but it also looks good on men with round faces.

How to Grow a Beard Like a Balboa

It’s preferable to let your standard beard develop for four to six weeks, as with many beard types. It’s just a good idea to start with a lot of hair before beginning the trimming process.

Once you’ve done that, shave your beard inward (especially on the cheeks) to attain equilibrium on both sides of your face. Shave the area behind your lower lip but leave the soul patch, which should meet your chin/goatee hair.

To shape the hair left behind for your goatee, use an adjustable trimmer.

What Celebrities Sport the Balbo Beard?

Robert Downey Jr. gets the Balbo Beard look down pat. Mr. Balbo did, too, until he was killed by friendly fire in 1940.

Robert Downey Jr.

Italo Balbo

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